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Thermal Images of Our Space Age Process At Work

Connecticut Thermal Coatings:  How It Works

Now you can reduce unwanted radiant heat loss and heat gain into a structure. Conventional insulation materials like fiberglass, cellulose, rock wool and Styrofoam, no matter how thick, have almost no ability to block radiant heat energy which can account for as much as 93 percent of summer heat gain and up to 75 percent winter heat loss in conventional structures.thermal image exterior home

In the above photo you can see the building in the back ground is glowing yellow and red where heat is being lost by being radiated out of the structure. In the foreground you will see a well insulated building complete with low-e glass which shows up in cool blues and green meaning little heat loss, creating a more comfortable and energy efficient home.

CT Thermal Coating’s radiant barrier process utilizes true high performance insulating paint products. You can easily improve the effective insulation with our unique insulating coatings that provide a moisture and radiant barrier. We use Insuladd because it is the only insulating paint additive that is recommended on the NASA website. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL!

We use the original and most trusted product in the insulating paints and insulating additives market. Use Insuladd……..don’t just paint when you can easily and inexpensively insulate as you paint!

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Above: Thermal view of  ceiling before Insuladd.
ceiling without insulating paint
Above: Regular view of ceiling painted with normal paint.
Below:  Grey paint is used to show the difference in heat loss
ceiling with insulating paint
Below: Thermal view of ceiling. The bright area is painted with regular paint. The cooler blue/orange square above is the area painted with Radiant Barrier Coating.

thermal view of ceiling with insulating paint

Normal View
Thermal View
thermal view of painted stripe of insulating paint

The grey stripe of ceiling above is the painted with our radiant barrier coating for visual demonstration purposes, we can use any color.


As you can see from the infrared pictures shown above, the reduction of heat getting into the room through the ceiling is going to be greatly reduced from the use of our Thermal Barrier Coating. Similar results would be achieved through the use of Insuladd Insulating Additive for paint. The above pictures are from a top-floor building unit where heat gain into the living area was really severe. The owner opted for the ultimate Insuladd system in order to solve this problem!  Steve Schappert is a trained building analyst and will create a custom plan for your home, building, vehicle fleet or shipping containers.

DON’T JUST PAINT……INSULATE AS YOU PAINT WITH Connecticut Paint & Thermal Coatings!


We specialize in creating a thermal barrier. Most homes built before 2006 don’t have house wrap. Most windows are drafty due to improper installation. We address the issues that most energy audits don’t. Your energy problems begin outside, we do more than paint we weatherize your home and create a thermal barrier that begins in your basement, seals your windows and gives your attic the best blend of sealing and ventilation.

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