Mission Statement:   To combine the worlds most advanced manufacturing plant for manufactured homes and commercial buildings with an alternative energy distributor in order to market cost effective zero energy homes through out the world.

Establishing our “Bios Homes” TM as the dominant brand and worldwide market leader in energy efficient new construction.


 “BIOS” is a manufacturer of homes which are certain to represent the future of housing construction for many years to come. The detailed BIOS process is a method of building any home at a price and style that achieves literally every objective of today, along with the coming requirements of tomorrow. Any company that can build and ship a uniquely designed, completed building at up to 27% less than current costs in a matter of days, and also satisfies the current and ever-growing demand for “green” construction is certainly going to have a bright future. “BIOS” is prepared to meet this market demand with a high-quality product and process, and its experience and trademarked process will allow it to dominate the market sector immediately.


 The BIOS process is quite simple. The major portion of the initial funding ($3.2 million) is for the acquisition, delivery and installation of a mechanized building system from Germany. The system allows BIOS to upload any CAD (Computer-Aided Design) building plan from an architect. The machines load material, create precision cuts guided by the computer drawings, and a completed building in panelized segments will exit from the machine. The entire process is mechanical – BIOS will require no more than 8 moderately-salaried employees to supervise the entire process from delivery of material to shipping of the completed process. The system allows for maximum flexibility on choice of wood or other materials. There is no danger of mis-measured segments, or the kind of human error that commonly endangers this kind of process. The building construction is precise, fast, and most importantly in this environment, significantly less expensive than any comparable alternate process.