BIOS Building Technologies

Green Building

EXPORTING: BIOS Building Technologies shipped its first Zero Energy home to Germany in 2008.  We then received 5000 pricing requests from around the world. One order included an invitation to have dinner with Putin.

BUILDING: A 15,600 sf green living expo was designed to serve as our showroom on Railroad Street in New Milford.  A 28,000 sf zero energy congregate living facility was also designed for a 1 acre parcel in Brookfield.  Before the market crashed the construction loan was approved and the foundation was built on Railroad Street,  The building in Brookfield received wetlands approvals and the zoning commissioner in Brookfield was quoted as saying, ” I’m voting for it because I believe it is the way ALL buildings should be built.”  The building was 7.5 times larger than the previous applicant who was denied for being excessive.

MANUFACTURING: A business plan was created to open a manufacturing facility for zero energy housing… as we all know the market took a wrong turn and things were put on hold.

Steve Schappert was the featured Green Builder at the 2007 National Real Estate Convention in Las Vegas.

TODAY: In 2016 The Bios Center was reborn in a slightly smaller facility in Thomaston CT where the facility houses, The Green Marketing Company, BIOS Building Technologies and Connecticut Real Estate.   The facility offers a wide range of classes on  Building Performance,  Healthy Living, Real Estate and Finance.