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Energy efficient home design services

BIOS Design offers Energy efficient home design services for new or existing homes with a special interest is “Green” Technologies.

Energy efficient home design

A greener world…

Mark Schappert and his brother Stephen have teamed up to offer Energy efficient home design for new and existing homes. Mark has extensive knowledge of green building and retrofitting practices. He holds Building Performance Institute (BPI) Building Analyst and Envelope Professional certifications. He has been an instructor in the Home Performance Contracting field for several years. Combining this knowledge with over 20 years of drafting and design experience allows him to offer a home design that is energy efficient and cost effective!

So much of the US Building stock was never designed to be energy efficient! We can guide you in finding an energy efficient home, or help you design a new energy efficient home, addition, or renovation of an existing home.

BIOS Building Technologies can help you get 100% financing for your energy efficient improvements from the Connecticut Green Bank.  Learn More about C-Pace and The CT Green Bank.

BIOS Design understands that making an effective energy efficiency improvement is rarely about dollars and cents!! A successful energy retrofit is about making your home more comfortable!!

Think about this example…

One room is much colder than the rest. As a result, you frequently turn up the heat for the entire house to make that room comfortable! Over time this habit can cost you a lot of money! Some companies will recommend expensive heating system upgrades as a possible fix. But at BIOS Design we look at the whole home as a system! Why is that room so cold? It could be a lack of insulation, high airflow, damaged windows and yes, sometimes a heating system issue. We analyze every home we work on to see what is the most effective and lowest cost way to make that room comfortable!! That is how you save money!!

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BIOS Design also offers design services to help you design and build your dream home! We can design decks, additions, kitchen renovations, and any other projects you want to do to make your home more beautiful and comfortable.