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C-Pace Financing

Reduce your building’s operating costs.

With Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE), you can increase your bottom line while lowering your energy costs. Upgrade your building with:

No upfront cost to upgrade your building 

C-PACE financing covers 100% of costs to install qualifying energy upgrades, with no money down. Development fees, audits, construction costs and M&V can be financed through C-PACE.

20 year funding provides immediate ROI for long-payback upgrades

Owners no longer have to patch up old equipment that is too expensive to replace. Financing of up to 20 years is structured so that the energy savings more than offset the benefit assessment. This means higher ticket items, such as solar or new boilers and chillers, can be implemented on a positive cash flow basis from year one. That means increased NOI and increased asset value.

No payoff upon sale

The C-PACE payment obligation is attached to the property and transfers to the new owner at point of sale.

Share costs and benefits with your tenants

Because tenants often pay the utility bills, they get the benefits of lower utility costs and improved comfort that result from building energy improvements. As a municipal assessment payment, C-PACE charges can be passed along to tenants, so tenants benefit while sharing the cost. C-PACE eliminates the landlord/tenant split incentive for triple net, modified gross leases, and industrial modified gross leases.
Have a project? Apply now, or find a list of eligible measures for C-PACE financing.

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