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Do you have equity in your home or investment property?

  • Would you like to pay as little in taxes as possible?
  • Would you like to profit as much as possible in a ho-hum market?

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At Buyers Trust all we do is structure deals, and we have gotten really good at it.  Woman’s DayMagazine actually recommended calling Buyers Trust if you are buying a home anywhere in the country. We have a long list of buyers and investors!

Back to you!

I bet you worked really hard to build up that nest egg, and the banking industry and government have not helped you at all.  A ginormous amount of Americans have lost their home equity that was supposed to be their retirement fund


We have the ability to flip, buy and hold or simply show you how to improve your property to increase the equity while spending as little as possible.

It all starts with a free consultation.

We buy Connecticut Condos, Single Family, Multi-Family, Apartment Buildings

Why Call Us?

Steve Schappert is a trained building analyst, licensed real estate broker, licensed and award – winning home improvement contractor, real estate investor and FSBO consultant.  I teach 2 real estate investment seminars each week.  I have a full toolbox of proven methods that can put as much money as possible in your pocket.

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