BIOS Seeks Billion $ for Green Jobs

Steve Schappert of BIOS Building Technologies is creating a global real estate conglomerate from the ground up.

BIOS Building Technologies is seeking 1 billion $ in funding to create stable Connecticut jobs and healthy affordable housing. He doesn’t need a billion dollars to start but he is planning for the future.

Providing maintenance, construction, real estate sales, appraisal, development, management, land use, manufacturing and export adds depth of synergistic knowledge. Each new division will add strength and opportunity for the employees that own the company.

BIOS Building Technologies: ManufacturingBIOS Building Technologies LLC

is currently a licensed Connecticut Home Improvement contractor and will be adding a new construction license when they finalize a warehouse location. Starting with basic trades such as painting, drywall and carpentry ensures that our base business isn’t going to be lost to overseas competitors. We are Connecticut people who serve Connecticut People.” As noted by their numerous testimonials BIOS Building Technologies has built trust by providing superior service for Connecticut property owners.

Schappert is currently interviewing real estate brokers in Connecticut and plans to have the real estate brokerages up and running by spring.  Schappert currently has 5 acres under contract in Waterbury and he is working on several more locations to build small and tiny homes in both single family and apartment styles.

THE GOAL: Build smart growth, energy independent villages that blend people of all ages and abilities with plants and animals and watch them flourish. “Individuals live, learn, work and enjoy community life in places where they can use their personal strengths, talents and passions.”

Schappert was a real estate agent/broker in Connecticut for 13 years. Founding Buyers Trust Real Estate and managing a network of 2000 agents across the country. Woman’s Day Magazine recommended Buyers Trust to their 30 million readers around the world. Schappert was featured on NBC’s WaterFront Treasures with Rob Morrison. Schappert shipped a BIOS Home to Germany in 2008. Schappert created the BIOS WaterCar Project that increased the gas mileage of a 72’ convertible Mustang by 58%. Schappert says,

“The next step in my life is to put all my experience under one roof and surround myself with people smarter than me in some way. ”Schappert plans to take a leading position in the advancement of Energy Independent Building (buildings that produce more power than they use)!

The success of any great idea is directly proportional to the strength of its foundation. Schappert says, “Our foundation is the people of Connecticut and it doesn’t get much stronger than that.” We are building a team of maintenance and construction professionals that take pride in their work. We are building a management team that will structure the company for controlled growth and we are building a sales and marketing team that will spread the word.

Schappert says, “There are no delusions, it is a lifetime of work for many people. A lifetime dedicated to leaving the world a better place for the next seven generations. It’s about people caring enough to get involved, roll up their sleeves and taking ownership in a cause that is more than just building and selling homes. It’s our present, our future and the dreams of many.”

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