BIOS Building Technologies

Design, Build & Manage: Residential and Commercial Construction

BIOS Building Technologies is a Connecticut design, build & renovation contractor that provides project management. We take pride in combining cost effective beauty, sustainability and energy efficiency for better living. We create solutions that benefit people, planet and profit.  Our panelized construction division can shop your plans to multiple manufacturers and ship anywhere in the world.

Make your home, business, city or town more energy efficient with affordable financing from Connecticut Green Bank.

Join us in helping Connecticut spark a green energy movement and learn how you can start saving now. The nation’s first green bank has created a thriving marketplace to accelerate green energy adoption in Connecticut by making green energy financing accessible and affordable for homeowners, businesses and institutions.

BIOS Building Technologies can help you get 100% financing for your energy efficient improvements from the Connecticut Green Bank.  Learn More about C-Pace and The CT Green Bank. watch the video.

Our Core Business: Creating beautiful, sustainable, energy efficient investment properties.  

  • We help home owners and investors create beautiful, cost effective spaces that are in tune with both man and nature.

  • If you are flipping a house or renovating your personal home, we can help bring it in on budget.

BIOS Provides guidance for energy-efficient design projects

Did you know that together commercial and industrial facilities use about half of the nation’s energy, and commercial buildings by themselves use about 20 percent? BIOS Building Technologies is committed to designing energy-efficient buildings  that reduce future energy consumption, while focusing on the bottom line of tenant comfort, health and cost effectiveness. The American Institute of Architects notes, “This is an architectural opportunity. It is also a responsibility. Energy efficiency, climate change and resiliency are clearly one of the 21st century’s challenges.”

But how exactly do you design your new building to be energy efficient?

We use EPA tools and resources to ensure that energy is addressed at all levels of your project—from pre-design all the way to construction.

 BIOS IS LIFE:  Our mission is to help people live healthier, wealthier lives.

Currently Serving Fairfield, Litchfield, Hartford and New Haven County

We are located in The BIOS Center of Thomaston.  We provide a wide range of networking and educational events related to real estate, construction, finance, and healthy living as well as certificate programs in building performance.

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