Connecticut Home Improvement Contractor With A Passion For All That Is Green


The Goal: A Social Business Enterprise owned by employees that will grow rapidly through friendly acquisitions and sharing of knowledge among similar and complimentary organizations. BIOS will lead the world in to an age of healthy living and clean renewable energy, an age that spawns new technology and industry providing an economic boom on a global basis. BIOS is more than a business plan, it is a philosophy.  You can do well by doing good, the BIOS concept is a model of social responsibility.

BIOS Building Technologies LLC : A Humble, Fledgling, Vertically Integrated Real Estate & Construction Conglomerate With A Passion For Sustainability.

Our Marketing Department, The Green Marketing Company is a launching a Global Real Estate Agency and home improvement company dedicated to providing cost effective, sustainable solutions.

We are located in The BIOS Center of Thomaston.  We provide a wide range of networking events related to real estate, construction, finance, and healthy living as well as certificate programs in building performance.

Our main product line will be green, workforce, elderly and congregate housing powered by alternative energy, and our main services are real estate sales, contracting and education.

 The BIOS brand will grow into a vertically integrated organization, of manufacturing plants, railroads, shipping companies, material supply companies, and alternative energy companies, managed forests and silicon mines, real estate, construction, finance, insurance, health and family services, museums and universities.

 Our Mission is to create a better world for our children by helping people, saving the environment, and boosting the economy. We strive to strike a balance between man and nature and long term financial goals with short term cash flow requirements. Give a man a loaf of bread he eats for the day, teach him to fish, he feeds himself for a lifetime. We will teach him to harvest fish to feed many for seven generations. We will teach landlords that donating vacant space to woman’s centers for shelters is not just the right thing to do but the tax credit is good for their bottom line.

CEO, Steve Schappert says, “There are no delusions, it is a lifetime of work for many people. A lifetime dedicated to leaving the world a better place for the next seven generations. It’s about people caring enough to get involved, roll up their sleeves and taking ownership in a cause that is more than just building and selling homes.  It’s our present, our future and the dreams of many.

The concept of cleaner, healthier  living, promoted  through affordable, energy independent home building is just the beginning. “BIOS” is life, pure and simple. “BIOS” is about teaching people to do well, by doing good!  The “BIOS” concept in its most basic form is powerful enough to bring about a fundamental change through out the world that can save the environment and boost the economy.

Today I am one step closer to ensuring my children have a better life because of my actions. I also understand that for all this to work I need help from people much smarter than myself, in turn they will attract people smarter than themselves, and together we will change the world.

Currently Serving Fairfield, Litchfield, Hartford and New Haven County